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A Tribute To The Music Of The 20th Century - "Y2K"


Sing along as we celebrate and reminisce about the music, history, inventions, and daily life of the 20th Century.


Yosemite Titanic Babe Ruth
Yosemite National Park
The sinking of The Titanic
Babe Ruth

President Theodore Roosevelt

Preservation of National Parks

Teddy Bear created

First silent movie

1904's St. Louis World's Fair

Crayola Crayons

Gibson Girl

Model T Ford

1906 San Francisco Earthquake

U.S. enters World War I

Charlie Chaplin

Panama Canal opens

George Washington Carver

Daylight Savings Time begins

The sinking of The Titanic

Oreo cookie

Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire


Stock Market Crash

Flappers do the Charleston

Babe Ruth homerun record

Women get the right to vote

Roaring Twenties

First talking movie - The Jazz Singer

Penicillin discovered

St. Valentine's Day massacre


The Great Depression Pearl Harbor Elvis

The Great Depression

Ships burning at Pearl Harbor
Elvis Presley

FDR - New Deal

Golden Gate Bridge opens


Gone With The Wind

Empire State Building opens

War Of The Worlds broadcast

Debut of Walt Disney's Snow White

Hindenburg Disaster

The Monopoly Game

Pearl Harbor attacked - U.S. enters World War II


The Big Band Era

Mt. Rushmore completed

Polaroid camera

D Day

UN founded

Television entertains America

President Harry S. Truman

Annie Get Your Gun

Abbott & Costello

I Love Lucy

Polio vaccine

Castro becomes dictator of Cuba

Disneyland opens

Rock 'n Roll

The Korean War

Racial segregation in schools declared unconstitutional

The Honeymooners


JFK All In The Family Reagan
President Kennedy
All In The Family
President Reagan

JFK assassinated

Roger Maris hits 61 homeruns

Vietnam War

Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated

First man on the moon

Cuban missile crisis

The Beatles

Woodstock Music Festival


The Barbie Doll


Richard Nixon resigns the Office Of President Of The United States

Elvis dies

All In The Family

Iran takes Americans as hostages

End of Vietnam War

The era of Disco - Saturday Night Fever

Sesame Street

200th birthday of the United States is celebrated in 1976

M*A*S*H t.v. show

Ronald Reagan - Reaganomics

John Lennon assassinated

Berlin Wall falls

Cabbage Patch dolls

Personal computers

The Cosby Show

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Atari video games

Music is now recorded on CD's (compact discs)



Princess Diana
Princess Diana

Cell phones

Worldwide Web - Internet

Sport Utility Vehicles - SUV's



Persian Gulf War

Princess Diana dies in car crash

Frenzy re: Y2K computer virus

Bill Clinton President




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