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Patriotic Programs

America, A Celebration!


american eagle

This program lifts history off the printed page and breathes life into it, with costumes, tales, and tunes of patriotism.

Learn the fascinating story of our nation's history.

Songs included are:


The American Revolution and the birth of our nation

dayle revolutionaryBetsy Ross Flag

declaration of independence

George WashingtonThomas JeffersonBen Franklin

Manifest Destiny

"Go west young man"

manifest destiny

The Civil War

american flag civil warconfederate flag


Abraham Lincoln

The Industrial Revolution

industrial revolution


Theodore Roosevelt

teddy roosevelt


World War I

uncle samUncle Sam wants you!


The Great Depression

Stock Market Crash - 1929



FDR - "Day Of Infamy Speech"

U.S. enters World War II after attack on Pearl Harbor

Day of Infamy

Post War Prosperity - The Decade Of The 1950's

Happy Days


elvis1957 chevyi love lucy

......................1957 Chevy..........................I Love Lucy


Civil Rights

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



America's Symbols


Statue of LibertyPresidential Seal

Washington MonumentLincoln Memorial

Jefferson Memorialwhite house

us dollar






This is a Great Country!

soldier saluting flag


May G-D Bless America!


Vocal Selections: (Click on song title)







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