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Broadway Marquee Broadway For Young People


Broadway Theatre Marquee

Hats, costumes accessories, and bright visuals, make theatre come alive. Active audience participation is encouraged.

A compilation of songs and stories from childrens' favorite Broadway plays:


One of the most beloved musicals of all time. Maria leaves an Austrian convent to become governess to the Von Trapp children, whose widower father is a military captain and very strict. The Captain and Maria eventually fall in love. However, their first priority is to evade the Naziis and to leave Austria immediately.

Musical Numbers:

    • Climb Every Mountain
    • The Lonely Goatherd
    • Do-Re-Mi
    • Edelweiss
    • The Sound Of Music

An average day in the life of Charlie Brown.

A day comprised of little moments from Charlie Brown's whole life. Happy moments and weary moments. Valentine's Day moments to baseball season moments, and all these moments intertwined with the lives of his friends.

Musical Numbers:

    • You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown


Musical Numbers:

    • I Enjoy Being A Girl


Musical Numbers:


Musical Numbers:

It is the 1930's in the middle of the Great Depression. Annie, a red-headed orphan, flees the abuse of the orphanage matron, in search of her parents.

She is discovered by the NYPD and returned to her imprisonment.

However, her luck soon changes, as Billionaire Oliver Warbucks chooses her to spend a short time at his residence.

Annie gains the affection of the household staff and softens the heart of Warbucks himself and he cannot help but learn to love this wonderful girl.

Warbucks offers a reward to help Annie find her long lost parents.

The wicked orphanage matron and her accomplices conspire to get the reward money, but there scheme is discovered and they are arrested.

President Roosevelt gets the FBI involved only to discover that Annie's parents are dead.

Warbucks decides to adopt Annie and the story has a happy ending.

Musical Numbers:


Musical Numbers:

      • A Spoonful Of Sugar
      • Supercalifraglisiticexpialidocious
  • The Music Man

Harold Hill, an imposter and fraud; pretends to be a boys' band organizer and leader. He sells band instruments and uniforms to naive townsfolk before skipping town with the cash.

In River City, Iowa; Marian Paroo, a librarian and piano teacher; sees right through him. However, when Harold helps her brother overcome his social phobias, Marian begins to fall in love with Harold. Harold at the same time is falling in love with Marian; and risks being caught by the police.

Musical Numbers:

      • Wells Fargo Wagon
      • Seventy-Six Trombones
  • The Wizard Of Oz


Musical Numbers:

    • Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
    • Follow The Yellow Brick Road
    • We're Off To See The Wizard
    • If I Only Had A Brain
    • The Merry Old Land Of Oz



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