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Best loved songs and stories from the following Broadway plays:


Set in the Indian territory at the turn of the 19 century, when cattlemen and farmers were fighting over fences and water rights. In the midst of that controversy is a rivalry between a cowboy (Curley) and a hired hand named Jud. Both are in love with Laurey.

Curly and Laurey have a secret passion for one another but they are too nervous to admit their feelings to one another.

Curly and Laurey eventually marry.

Jud reappers. He and Curly engage in a fight and Jud falls on his own knife. Curly is acquitted of all charges and the show ends happily as Laurey and Curly ride off into the sunset in their surrey with the fringe on top.

Musical Numbers:

    • Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'
    • The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
    • Out Of My Dreams
    • Oklahoma
    • Many A New Day

Set in the colorful world of New York City in the mid 20th century, "Guys And Dolls" is a romantic and funny story, populated with gangsters, gamblers, missionary dolls, and showgirls.

The play begins with a bet. Nathan Detroit bets high-rolling gambler Sky Masterson that Sky cannot persuade Save-A-Soul Missionary Sister Sarah Brown to accompany him on a trip to Cuba.

While Sky uses his charms to succeed in taking Sarah to Havana, Detroit is evading the matrimonial clutches of his long-suffering fiancée, Miss Adelaide.

"Guys and Dolls" is a fable about what happens to gambling men and the women who long to tame them.

Sky eventually falls in love with Sarah and decides to give up gambling and repent. He also gets his fellow gamblers to repent and join him in church as well.

Musical Numbers:

    • Guys And Dolls
    • Luck Be A Lady
    • I'll Know

Finian McLonergan, his daughter Sharon, and a leprechaun named Og; travel from Glocca Morra, Ireland to Rainbow Valley in the mythical state of Missitucky, USA.

Finian has "borrowed" Og's crock of gold to transplant in the soil near Fort Knox, so it will grow and make him rich. However Og wants the crock of gold back, for without it all the Glocca Morra leprechauns will lose their magic powers and the crock of gold, which grants wishes, will turn to dross.

The McLonergans arrive as racist Senator Billboard Rawkins, is trying to take the sharecroppers' land away for inability to pay back taxes.

Finian secretly buries the crock.

The sheriff wants to remove all the citizens of Rainbow Valley from their land for violating his "law of the south, namely": Whites and blacks should not be integrated in work or communities.

Sharon is outraged, and wishes that the Senator could be black and feel the terrible pain of racism.

Her wish is granted, because unbeknownst to her, she was standing over the buried magical crock of gold.

The Senator transforms into a blackman. Horrified and stunned he runs and disappears into the forest to hide.

Og then casts a spell to cure the Senator of his bigotry!

Musical Numbers:

    • How Are Things In Glocca Morra
    • Look To The Rainbow
    • If This Isn't Love

It is the 1930's in the middle of the Great Depression. Annie, a red-headed orphan, flees the abuse of the orphanage matron, in search of her parents.

She is discovered by the NYPD and returned to her imprisonment.

However, her luck soon changes, as Billionaire Oliver Warbucks chooses her to spend a short time at his residence.

Annie gains the affection of the household staff and softens the heart of Warbucks himself and he cannot help but learn to love this wonderful girl.

Warbucks offers a reward to help Annie find her long lost parents.

The wicked orphanage matron and her accomplices conspire to get the reward money, but there scheme is discovered and they are arrested.

President Roosevelt gets the FBI involved only to discover that Annie's parents are dead.

Warbucks decides to adopt Annie and the story has a happy ending.

Musical Numbers:

    • Tomorrow
    • You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile
    • Maybe
    • It's A Hard Knock Life

The story chronicles the legend of King Arthur and his tortured love affair with his queen Guenevere.

Arthur first meets Guenevere, on the day of their wedding, in the enchanted forest surrounding Camelot.

Arthur is so happy being married to Guenevere, that he is inspired to form the Knights of the Round Table, an order of chivalry, "in which all the member knights are bound by a desire the help the oppressed, keeping faith with trust and honor."

The legend of the Knights of the Round Table reached a young French knight, Lancelot Du Lac, who seeks to join the order. Lancelot quickly becomes the most celebrated of all the knights.

Guenevere falls in love with him and they begin a very passionate and illicit love affair behind Arthur's back.

Arthur avoids the rumors circling around him, until Lancelot and Guenevere are exposed during a tryst.

Guenevere is sentenced to be burned at the stake, while Lancelot escapes; only to return and rescue her at the last minute.

Arthur prepares for battle, his dreams of an idealistic Camelot shattered.

Musical Numbers:

Mame is well-to-do, and living in New York City at the peak of the 1920's when she is surprised by an orphan nephew named Patrick.

Ten-year-old Patrick needs his aunt, and this changes her life and gives her a purpose.

Fast forward to the Depression era 1930's and Mame loses all her money, and she loses jobs as quickly as she finds them.

In Act Two Patrick is now in college, and the maturing Patrick seems to be slipping away from Mame's influence.

"When he declares his engagement to a fatuous blonde with the IQ of a dead flashlight battery, Mame is in despair. What did she do wrong? What would she do differently, "If he walked into my life today?"

Mame regroups and uses all her resources to rescue Patrick from a life of "Darien drabness and snobbery".

Musical Numbers:

    • Mame
    • If He Walked Into My Life
    • Open A New Window


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