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Greetings and Welcome to my website

I am Dayle Friedman

Educator-Entertainer-Musical Puppet Therapist



Cell: (516) 639-7056

Office: (516) 935-5247


I, Dayle Friedman; am a one woman show.  I perform Broadway quality musical concerts in costume, character, and song.  The concerts are interactive with audience participation.

I entertain for audiences of all ages and diversities.

My audiences know me as either: "The Hat Lady" or "The Puppet Lady".

I believe that education, entertainment, and therapy; go hand in hand in hand.

I strive to reach those in need of memory support, enrichment, pleasure.

As a Musical Puppet Therapist, for either groups or individual room visits; I utilize Marionettes and Rod Puppets, along with my singing voice; to reach out. (Pictured below is Musical Puppet Therapy at Rush Nursing Home, North County Dublin, Ireland)


I am committed to ensuring that every audience member be reached and be made to feel included.  Everyone is valued!  The song selections are aimed at drawing interest and a response.  Music ---- is the universal language.

I utilize high energy and confidence.  This promotes what in theatre is known as the “Mirror Effect”.  The audience will feed on and reflect back what is offered.  In other words – It’s contagious!

Employing song, story, comedy, rhythm, and movement; I find a way to bridge the gaps from culture to cognition.  In doing so, a satisfying connection is made and a good time is had by all!

Several response highlights follow:

Staff members (many of them immigrants), are often drawn into listening to the sessions, participating in song and dance with the residents.  As aides interact in this manner, a bond of shared joy is created.

I’ve experienced some surprises in my travels:

I have a reputation as being a seasoned professional.  I pair this with a personalized caring approach.

My background includes a Bachelor’s Degree from the University Of Maryland, in Speech and Dramatic Art; a Master’s Degree from the C.W. Post Center of Long Island University, in Elementary Education; and Post Graduate work through New York University, in England; in the field of Educational Theatre.

My concerts cover a wide spectrum of music: Broadway, Patriotic, Holiday, Nostalgic, Big Band Swing Era, International, and what I refer to as "Tributes to the Masters” -  keeping alive the musical catalogs of Irving Berlin, Al Jolson, The Andrews Sisters and Frank Sinatra.

I have traveled the length and width of this country from Buffalo, N.Y., south to Miami, west through Memphis, Little Rock, Hot Springs, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, and back east to Mt. Rushmore, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Arlington, D.C., Silver Spring, Philadelphia, and extensively throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

I have also toured Ireland, from Bray, to Dublin, to Santry, to Malahide and to Rush; as well as Purley and Banstead; suburbs of London, U.K., and Toronto, Ontario; Canada.


Q & A with Dayle

Q: There is an abundance of musical entertainers. What makes you stand out?


Versatility - I can engage an individual, small groups or a concert hall of people. I am adept at working with children, adults, seniors, or an intergenerational mix.

Variety - I like to perform concerts with a thematic line woven through. I feel that if you are going to entertain - you should also offer something enlightening. Conversely, if you are going to educate, then make it stimulating as well.

Respect - is an important element in connecting with your audience. Manner of dress, comportment, making eye contact, articulation; as well as musical presentation.

Confidence - evidenced in attitude and preparation is attractive. It demands attention. I believe in inviting the audience into the experience. In other words, I perform with and for the audience as opposed to "at" the audience.

Q: What message do you strive to share about therapeutic entertainment?


Previously, I stated the theme that Education-Entertainment and Therapy are linked. It it is my belief, that to feel alive one must participate.

Much of the entertainment for the very young and for seniors is passive. It is watched, but one is not called upon to participate, to respond, or to be inspired.

My use of music, accompanied by the story setting, props, and visuals; cajoles, entices, encourages, and calls for a response.

In my theatrical training, I was taught: An actor (sic) entertainer "manipulates" the audience for its own good! Our/my job is to DELIGHT.

Q: How do you respond when someone asks after an informal performance: "Have you ever been on the stage?"


I quote William Shakespeare: "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players".

My addendum: Carpe Diem - Seize the day! I provide an opportunity to think, to feel, to participate, and to engage, in Life!







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