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Musical Puppet Therapy:

Music is a gift. It helps express our hopes, dreams, aspirations, joys and sorrows. It can teach us as well as delight us, by invoking the best spiritual medicine of all: Faith and Laughter.

"For centuries music has been known to calm people down and provide relief from stress and tension."

Musical Puppet Therapy consists of the singing of reminiscent tunes while interacting with the audience, introducing them to Rod Puppets, Marionettes, Animated Figures, and Ventriloquist Dummies. There is "hands on" active audience participation. The results are both exhilarating and hilarious. The response from toddlers to seniors is a sight to behold!

My audiences perk up when they see me arrive with my friends - Jerry Mahoney, Howdy Doody, Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd, Harry Hathead, and my Rod psychiatrists ----- Dr. Moody and Dr. Foo-Ling-U among others.

Especially impressive is the therapeutic value of this technique with the mentally challenged.

Music can help soothe the ravages of Alzheimer's Disease. It can change a person's mood, "manage stress-induced agitation, stimulate positive interactions, and facilitate cognitive function."

"The Alzheimer's Association recognizes the enriching benefits of music therapy. Music can stir long-term memories; and best results may be obtained from music popular during the patient's youth."

Medical researchers believe that a "hub" in the brain, where "music, memories, and emotions are associated", is more resilient against the memory erasing effects of Alzheimer's Disease.

Musical Puppet Therapy sessions engage my audiences.

My music reaches into the inner recesses of the soul. I am often surprised by its affect. "Most people associate music with important events and a wide array of emotions. The connection can be so strong, that hearing a tune long after the occurrence evokes a memory of it."

I encourage singing, clapping, and "boogying"!

A woman in one of my audiences, was barely able to carry on a conversation, yet when I started singing the songs from my "Swingin' On A Star" program, which highlights the music of the Big Band Swing Era; she sang the words to almost every song!

I have witnessed many "Awakenings" during my career. These brief interludes are signs that I am on the right track. The soul is always whole! My music is what nurtures spirits!

As for my castmates, audiences want to touch, hold, hug, and even kiss them. This shows that love of music and love of life are still alive within.

Played effectively in the movie the "Notebook", (about a loving couple devastated by Alzheimer's); I invite you to listen to my version of:

I'll Be Seeing You (click on song title)


Be a Puppeteer with Dayle Friedman!

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Love from a "Hot Rod Puppet"

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Hugging A Leprechaun Rod Puppet

Irish Woman Hugging A rod


Dayle and her sidekick "Harry Hathead"

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